The Step-by-Step Guide

This free workbook summarizes the core ideas from Designing for Behavior Change, and provides practical materials to use at each stage of the design and development process: to help your users start or stop a key behavior in your products or in their lives.

About the Workbook

The Designing for Behavior Change workbook is free for anyone to use.  You can use and adapt it for your own purposes, with two restrictions:

  1. Please never sell this guide or materials you derive from it. That’s just not cool.
  2. Please direct people here to download it, rather than posting the PDF or forwarding it on to others. That way I can get an idea of where it’s been useful.

Also, I run workshops and trainings on Designing for Behavior Change, using this workbook and additional materials. If you’d like a training for your organization, you can contact me here.

Please tell me a bit about yourself?

    Do you own a copy of Designing for Behavior Change? (Don't worry - the workbook is free for everyone; I'm just curious if people have the book too.)

    Does your team or your organization currently apply behavioral science in its work?
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