Do you want to learn more about behavioral science, and how to apply it to products and communications?

In addition to Designing for Behavior Change, and the free workbook that goes with it, there is a wealth of resources available across the Internet. Thankfully, you can find sites that summarize what’s available on a particular topic. Here is my collection of the best places to look.


There are some very good compilations of behavioral science resources out there, each with a somewhat different focus.

Specific Resources

What is Behavioral Science?

If you what to learn more about the field, here are a few good places to start.


What Techniques are there? What Works?

Each organization and company has its own repository of studies, which they usually keep private. Two groups have collected many studies together and made them public:


The State of the Field


Jobs in the Field
Most jobs that involve behavioral science are in traditional fields: especially in design, product management, and marketing. If you’re looking for a dedicated position focused on behavioral science, there aren’t that many (based on the Behavioral Teams Survey I’ve estimated that there are about 5,000 such jobs in companies and NGOs currently). There are a few though, and here are the three main job boards that I recommend (and use when hiring for my team):


The field is simply vast, but again, those are a few good places to start.